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Arska Mailwall - The Complete Solution

Improving the safety level of your email system has never been easier! The very accurate filtering can stop over 99% of all spam without any risk of legitimate mail being lost.

Arska is based on the well-known SpamAssassin-software, with customer-specific optimal settings. On top of this, we have built a versatile web-interface. Real-time reports let administrators monitor all aspects of filtering accuracy and mail volumes at any time. End-users can easily access and release their quarantined messages, as well as get notification digests about stopped messages.

Arska mailwall is all you need
Our complete package contains everything a company needs to stop spam and viruses. The number of emails or domains do not affect the price. There is a fixed monthly fee per server (multiple servers possible), which includes the following:

  • a dedicated Arska-server - customized filtering of your emails in your machine room
  • maintenance - we monitor the function of the server and make sure it is running smoothly
  • updates - we regularly update the software as new improved versions are available and tested
  • support - should there be any problems or questions

What's new in version 3.5
Technical features
Current Spam and Virus Trends

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