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Development Focus
With enchrome, user interface development is dealt with on a higher level by focusing on relevant issues such as user interface functionality and structure. HTML and other presentation format details are hidden from the software developer by using XML-based modelling for the different aspects of the user interface, thus completely separating form from function.

Ready-built user-interface components exist for creating menus, tabbed dialog boxes, search forms, result lists, and much more. Combined with example implementations of user-, group- and rights-management interfaces, building a new application gives you most of the basic functionality right from the start, and developing the application-specific parts is very time-efficient.

Enchrome is a mature technology, because it has been used in customer projects since 1997, although it has naturally evolved quite a bit during the years! We continuously improve the technology, with regard to speed, new features and ease of usability.



We are currently looking for more software development companies interested in using enchrome for their customer projects. Please contact us if you are interested, and we will demonstrate the concrete benefits of using enchrome or arrange for you to evaluate enchrome yourself.

Technical Details

Detailed technical information about enchrome is available in the enchrome White Paper (PDF).