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Arska - Features

- Attachment blocking of dangerous file types
- Bayes algorithm learns from seen messages
- Collaborative spam tracking
- DKIM-signing and verification
- DNS-based blacklists for sending hosts and URLs mentioned in emails
- Enhanced SMTP (ESMTP) for better performance
- Fake bounces and viruswarnings are stopped
- Graphs for monitoring traffic and server performance in realtime
- Greylisting of known spam sources
- Hardware based - no software installation needed
- Interoperable with all mail servers
- LDAP connectivity
- Multiple servers with shared database for central reporting and management
- Protects against DoS attacks and email harvesting
- Quarantine - all stopped emails are stored
- Realtime-reporting from SQL database with selectable criteria, timeperiods, etc.
- SNMP support
- SPF and Caller-ID support
- TLS encrypted transport of emails
- Unlimited number of domains and mailboxes
- Virusscanning of all emails
- Web-based admin and end-user interface
- Webmail access to mailserver (optional)

What's new in version 3.2


Technical Details

We can only go so far when trying to convince you how good Arska is. Instead of just using superlatives and showing abstract pictures of how many layers of filtering there is, we present the technical solutions and Open Source software used in Arska. In essence, we give you the ingredients for building your own Arska, because we believe that makes us much more trustworthy than using some proprietary stuff!

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